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A very happy Diwali to all!

On today’s special occasion, we present to you Mahabharat: The Epic Saga
It is the story about war and welfare, good and evil, truth and lies, greed and nobility, and the ultimate surrender to the almighty.

As portrayed in the last scene, the downfall of the Pandavas began when Duryodhana invited Yudhishtira for a game of dice. Through deceit by the Kauravas, Yudhishtira lost everything at stake – his kingdom, his brothers and ultimately his wife, Draupadi.
Subsequently, Draupadi was humiliated in the court as Dushasana dragged her with her hair and unrobed her in front of everyone while her husbands, the Pancha (five) Pandavas, were helpless. Draupadi, a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna, surrendered her fate in His hands and the Lord bestowed His ultimate blessings on Draupadi and protected her dignity.
Draupadi vowed to leave her hair loose until Bheema killed Dushasana and washed her hair with his blood.
The Kurukshetra war was inevitable due to the treachery of the Kauravas. Upon reaching the battlefield, Arjuna was overwhelmed with moral dilemma about waging a war against his kith and kin. As he put down his weapons, Lord Krishna uplifted him up with valuable teachings of life, constituting the Bhagavat Gita.
“O Parth, fulfill your Kshatriya (warrior) duty to uphold Dharma through selfless action”.
He then gave Arjuna the ultimate gift of his lifetime, Vishwaroopa Darshan (full divine form) of the Lord.

Mahabharat is an itihas (epic) that epitomizes the the virtue of good over evil and light over dark. As we celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights, may we follow the path of Dharma (righteousness) and fill our hearts with goodness. We pray that this occasion brings love, light and happiness to everyone’s life!
Happy Diwali!

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Choreography & Editing: Nidhi & Neha
Videography: Our amma

Song: Mahabharat
Composers: Ajay Atul


Hain Katha Sangram Ki
Vishwa Ke Kalyaan Ki
Dharm Adharm Aadi Anant
Satya Asatya Kalesh Kalnak
Sawarth Ki Katha Parmartha Ki

Shakti Hain Bhakti Hain
Janmo Ki Mukti Hain
Jeevan Ka Ye Sampurn Saar Hain
Yug Yug Se Kan Kan Mein
Srishti Ke Darpan Mein
Vedo Ki katha Apaar Hai
Karmo Ki Gaatha Hai
Devo Ki Bhasha Hai
Sadiyo Ke Itihaas Ka Prmaan Hai

Krishana Ki Mahima Hain
Geeta Ki Garima Hain
Grantho Ka Granth Ye Mahan Hain
Mahabharat Mahabharat
Mahabharat Mahabharat Mahabharat..


Its a story of war
Of the betterment of the world
Moral-immoral, start-end
Truth-lie, chaos-disgrace
Story of selfishness… Of the ultimate meaning (doing good deeds)
Is strength, is faith,
Is the freedom from rebirth.
It’s the complete summary of life,
From centuries,
In every of the tiniest particle,
In the mirror of the universe
There are millions of Vedic stories
Its the story of deeds(karma)
The language of gods
It’s the proof of history from centuries.
The Glory of Krishna
The dignity of Geeta
It’s the greatest of all the holy books



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